About Basetrade Global

Basetrade Global trades in primary industrial commodities used in the steel, oil & gas and construction industries and ships them globally by land and sea.

Basetrade Global’s operations are focused primarily in the emerging markets. It accesses and is involved in the production of industrial commodities in countries where energy resources are more readily available, so they are produced more cost-effectively. This enables Basetrade to supply the best commodities at optimal prices to its client base worldwide.

Markets in the emerging economies are the most dynamic and exciting that there are. However, by the nature of their rapid growth, supplier–client relationships can at times lag behind competitors from the developed world in terms of commitment to customer service, quality and transparency.

Basetrade Global’s corporate objective is to merge the superb products and competitive pricing of its supply markets with the sound levels of service that are the norm in mature, established markets. We strive to achieve our objective by means of a corporate culture that is established to deliver the highest levels of service via the best use of technology and the promotion of transparency with our partners and client base alike.

Operating from its headquarters in the UK and from offices in the UAE, India and Georgia, we deal with reputable major manufacturers, get involved in the manufacturing process and only deal with entities that have been tried, tested and certified for us by accredited third parties.