Basetrade Global‘s CEO, Francis Zadan, attended the Annual General Meeting & Plenary Sessions of the International Iron Metallics Association (IIMA) in the first week of October. The conference which was held in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, was attended by manufacturers and the iron and steel industries’ most influential analysts and strategists.

Given┬áBasetrade Global’s significant recent experience in analysing the prospects for direct-reduced iron (DRI) sales in China, Dr Zadan himself spoke about Basetrade’s strategy for growing DRI sales in the world’s largest steel-manufacturing market.

“Despite the current market climate in China, Basetrade Global has identified niche markets which offer prospects for sales of DRI and HBI,” commented Dr Zadan. “The IIMA’s bi-annual forum was the ideal venue to share our views and gauge the comments of respected colleagues and potential partners with respect to our policies in China. We were delighted that our presentation was met with a great deal of interest.”